Sharing Meetings

Note: This platform has not enabled meeting sharing. Contact TrustedPeer if you'd like to enable this feature.

With a single click, you can share related meetings with your current meeting Mentor. The idea is perhaps you have other past meetings related to this one, hosted by other Mentors, which you'd like your current Mentor (and other meeting attendees) to be able to view.

This feature is available only the meeting Requestor, and is located on the meeting input worksheet.

Click to Share, click to Unshare

While shared, related meetings will be viewable (but not editable) by everyone who can view this meeting. It does not share this meeting with others. (Or more accurately, it does not change the sharing of this meeting.)

We automatically determine which meetings should be shared:

If this meeting is associated with a Team
We make available all meetings associated with this team. That includes meetings with any Mentor, requested by any Team member. Non-team meetings will not be listed.
If this meeting is not associated with a Team
We make available all meetings associated with the Requestor that are not associated with any team. That includes with any Mentor, but only if requested by the same individual (i.e., you). Team meetings will not be listed.

If you're like to share other meetings, or not share so many meetings, you can generate a PDF of the meeting(s) to be shared and add them as attachments so your current Mentor can view relevant information.

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