Recommendations to Users

The Recommendations tab allows you to make recommendations to individuals or groups of individuals on this site.

Access is restricted to users with Content Manager privilege.

This page is accessed as:

Each user with a recommendation will get:

  • A single email indicating one or more recommendations have been made. (Recommendations are grouped and emails are sent only few times each day, so if you make multiple recommendations, the user will only get a single email.)
  • An entry on their Dashboard with details about the recommendation: (who, what, why)

Mentors who are recommended receive no notice of any kind.

Using the Add Recommendation Form

For whom?
You make a recommendation by indicating who this is for. Start typing and the platform will provide a list of possible matches. Make a single selection by typing in only one of the "For whom?" fields.
  • An individual user; or,
  • A Group Account; or,
  • A Taxonomy Category.

Making a recommendation to a Group Account will apply only to users who are direct members of that group. (Users who are members of a parent group, or child group of the target will not be notified: You'll have to copy recommendations if that's what you'd like to do.)

Making a recommendation to a Taxonomy Category will apply to all users who are members of that category or any sub-category under the named category.

Your recommendation must include either a Mentor, a Mentor's Topic, or a Taxonomy Category. As with the previous field, start typing in one of the three fields and the platform will provide a selection list.
You many include some information as to why you're making this recommendation. This note will be available to all the people you've listed under "For Whom?", but will not be visible to the Mentors you've listed under "What?" (Unless your Mentor is included in the former listed group.)

Using the Recent Recommendations list

Previously made recommendations are listed at the bottom of the page in a sortable table.

Clicking on an existing recommendation will update the form with the existing information. This allows you to easily duplicate recommendations, updating only the "Who?" field to apply it to a new person. Alternatively, simply change the "Why?" text to keep the same recommendation but edit your reason for the recommendation.

Completed indicates the recommendation has been completed by the user (only applicable for recommendations made to specific users as opposed to groups or categories of users.)

You can also Delete recommendations.

Group administrators can make recommendations to anyone within their group. See Recommendations to Members of Group.

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